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Mary, Woman of True Power

"Mary don't be afraid you have won God's favour"
Artist Sr Maria van Galen fmm

Our way of life which is at once contemplative and apostolic
is personified and personalised in Mary of Nazareth.

Scripture reveals Mary to be the first and perfect disciple of Jesus, the Mother of the Church, the one who shared fully in Christ's saving mission.

For Franciscan Missionaries of Mary she is much more than a model. She is a special path that leads to Christ. A woman of true power who allowed God to do wonderful things for her.

Our bond with Mary is vital and active: not one of imitation but of continuation:
"to continue the mission of Mary"
"to be a mother with Mary"
"to be another Mary"
are repeated phrases of Hélène de Chappotin

The central act of Mary's life that we are called to contemplate and continue is the "Yes" that she gave to God's request to give birth to a child whose name would be Emmanuel: God With Us.

The vocation of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is to continue saying Mary's "Yes" to the mystery of God's presence in the world; to be so open to God's spirit acting in them that they too become women of true power who carry within them, and bring to the world, Christ's healing and peaceful presence.

True power transforms
It is beauty
It is truth
It is love

"I am going where Mary leads me. I am going to surrender my life for the triumph of true power." Hélène de Chappotin

Be messengers of peace - Helene de Chappotin