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When God Sings in a Heart

When God sang in the heart of Mary of Nazareth
she heard a song of motherhood beyond her understanding
and she said “Yes” to making the song her own.

When God sang in the heart of Hélène de Chappotin,
she heard a song of beauty, truth and love,
and she said "Yes" to the invitation to always live with that song.

When God sang in the heart of Francis of Assisi
he heard the love song of a crucified God
and said "Yes" to walking in his footsteps.

When God sang in the hearts of the past generations of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary they heard songs of joyous self-giving,
setting no boundaries, taking risks, bringing peace, making Christ known and loved in every corner of the earth
 and they said “Yes” to continuing the song.

When God sings in the hearts of today’s generation of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary they hear new songs
of solidarity, dialogue, communion, justice, peace-making, care for the earth
and they say “Yes” to joining this new song with all the songs that have gone before them.

What song is God singing in your heart?

If you hear in it an invitation to share the adventure and the challenge of universal mission you are most welcome to discover more about us through personal contact.

The farther I go the more God sings in my heart the beauty of unity.
I would like it to be the seal of all that I love
because unity is a reflection of Infinite Beauty.

Hélène de Chappotin
Foundress of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

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The truth of love and the love of truth - Helene de Chappotin